The transversality of Talent

The Bourse du Talent was born with the ruptures of the new century, and in a relevant way it writes a page of the contemporary history of photography. It brings together a large number of photographers driven by the desire to bear witness to their era. By telling their stories, by projecting their horizons, by the surprise of their points of view, they invite us to take side roads and to think the world freely.
Their photographic fields are limitless, outside of categories that no longer exist. With them, the margins of photography are constantly moving, on purpose, to better get out of the frame.
The main features of portrait, reportage and landscape photography are combined with style or fashion, taking into account this transversality essential to freedom, by retaining ideas and not photographic genres.
Open-mindedness again with the exhibitions at the BnF which confront photographers to an open public, offering the opportunity to enter the collections of the prestigious French institution. The young creation takes root and thus comes close to the history of heritage.
Today, this prize has become a major event and passionately pursues the discovery of emerging photographic talent. The stories told by the winning photographers in each edition are a testament to this. If each one is singular, all are committed to bringing the world seen up close, on the skin. Each print thus becomes a surface sensitive to shades of gray, to all colors or those of emotion. She carries the ideas and values of photography, sensitive as the consonants of a poem, fragile as its vowels, strong of the freedom to see.

Didier de Faÿs