We are all photographers | Didier de Faÿs

Today we have all become photographers. We are living a revolution in the way we look at the world. However, by the accumulation of digital images, the consciousness of reality becomes blurred. Our photographs, quickly shared, are forgotten the time of a Pavlovian like. We photograph what we no longer look at; and we no longer look at what we photograph. The family album belongs to the past like the double-page spreads of magazines. Without memory, the reference points fade away. The look loses all its meaning and the image, trivialized, loses all its value.

To prevent a generalized indifference to reality, the young photographers of Bourse du Talent pursue an essential approach, located at the heart of photography, that of documenting reality, by making visible what is rarely shown, and to shake up our representations. They have in common a strong commitment to an artistic approach that brings out these contemporary stories. Their subjects cover all the fields of our society, from the intimate to the skin, from the margins to the fracture lines of the end of the world.

Thus engaging with the image, their shots are as many risk-taking. For in order to better tell us about reality, the photographers enter into their subjects and become one with their stories. It is no longer a trivial act. These are not just a few more photos. They are precious moments and particular stories that are transmitted to live again in the eyes of the viewer.

With commitment, the Jury of the prize salutes the emergence of a talent whose expression is triggered from the moment of its confrontation with the subject. The technical protocols induced by the camera and the photographic device initiate a process that is both rapid and profound, during which the image merges with magic. These are complex stories, sometimes out of focus, which are thus gathered and fixed in a fraction of a second. At this moment, the photographer composes and integrates into his photo everything that happens outside the frame.

Involved, the photographic gesture acts in depth on the subject itself by giving it back all the colors of its identity. The gaze repairs the bruised landscapes and the wounds of life on a face by the simple fact of taking this time. The photographer is not satisfied with taking the image, he creates it and makes it live.

Not all stories are told on social networks, not all lives are visible. It takes the eye of the photographer to reveal them. It takes your own eyes to make them exist. Exposed in large formats, on subtle prints, these stories become better shared with values of gray and color that are also human values. They are ours. Close to each of us, to each of our worlds, the photographers tell the diversity of our stories. By looking at them, they become incarnate, and we are at the heart of ourselves.

Didier de Faÿs, director of the publication of Photographie.com