Ensemble les portfolios des photographes sélectionnés pour la session #77 Reportage de  la Bourse du Talent représentent une remarquable photographie du monde et des conflits. Si chacun de leurs regards est singulier, tous partagent une même force et un engagement à voir et à montrer.

For several months, the photographer wished to "travel through the night of the migrants". Driven by an inner necessity, Nathalie Lescuyer offers through her Need series a testimony that speaks of the wanderings of our world as much as of the wandering of the other. Her photographic narrative claims this confusion between her expectations as a photographer and the needs of migrants. This otherness is put into dialogue in an open series of intimate, incantatory, searing images with muted tones. It is a question here of making tangible the tension between the noise of the world and the excluded word of the migrants and of re-establishing the exchange between several disrupted interiorities.
The photographer sums up her approach as follows: "To be at the heart of a story that will never be mine, a journey of several months in their night, a nightmarish reverie where fantasies mingle with personal stories. Darkness, I photograph in the urgency, electric atmosphere and charged of emotions that I identify badly. Freezing the body for a moment, always on the move, fixing this time.

The jury #reportage

The session of May 28, 2019 brought together at the Delpire editions, the following jury:  Stuart Alexander (editorial director of Delpire) • Taous Dahmani (doctoral student in charge of teaching at the Panthéon Sorbonne university ) • Sophie Dufau (journalist and editor in the society, politics or events department Médiapart • Guillaume Herbaut (photographer) • Marie Sumalla (in charge of the photo department Le Monde).