The photographer Huanfa Cheng's favorite model, his wife Zhiyu, is this time the central character of a reflection that is both documentary and dreamlike on the upheavals associated with motherhood. The photographer composes a repertoire of daily gestures - Zhiyu eats, cries, enjoys herself, gives birth, blossoms in a certain theatricality where she dresses up with clothes meant to accentuate her physiological changes. The portraits of his wife are placed in dialogue with still lifes of objects with organic textures, similar to the skin, and reveal them as metaphors of the evolution of the pregnant woman, between fragility and vitality. Established in duet, this intimate fresco, almost a huis clos, revisits the iconography of art history and pokes fun at the codes imposed by society on women during their pregnancy.

Le jury #mode

La séance du 25 juin 2019 a réuni à la galerie Claude Samuel à Paris, le jury suivant : Sophie Artaud (commissaire, réalisatrice) • Laura Bonnefous (photographe) • Corine Hamel (éditrice photo) • Christian Kirk-Jensen (directeur artistique Danish Pastry) • Zelia Van Den Bulke (créatrice de mode).