Nicola Bertasi

Né à Milan en1983, Nicola Bertasi est diplômé en Histoire et Littérature de l’Université d’État de Milan en 2009. Fasciné par les possibilités du récit photographique, il voyage autour du globe. Il écrit pour le quotidien italien Il Manifesto et photographie pour Le Monde, Mediapart, Libération, Paris Match, ....

Il est membre du studio Hans Lucas.

2014- present : Hans Lucas – member. 
Hans Lucas is Footbridge between information and creation, hans lucas is dedicated to the storytelling digital, to photography and photojournalism. In grip with the current mutation, our structure leans since 2006 on a dynamic network of members.
Hans lucas supports the emergence of contemporary writings and creates synergies beyond the disciplinaries borders. It is an open collective which invites artists or recognized authors- photographers, directors, journalists, cartoonist, music and sound makers - to work together.

2013 : Galerie Benj - Artistic Director
Galerie Benj is a gallery based in Paris focused on documentary and contemporary photography. Our goal is to create an uncom- mon space to represent both well-known photographers and new talent. Galerie Benj collaborates with educational structures and institutions such as the Council of Paris, and Fédération Léo Lagrange. Based in the 11 arrondissement, Galerie Benj encou- rages people from the neighborhood to participate at the openings with the aim of developing discussions and flux of ideas over photography.

 Le Monde, Libération, La Stampa, Mediapart, Paris Match, National Geographic-Touring Mag. and others - photographer/reporter -Il Manifesto - Contributor
Contributor, reporter and writer for the national daily newspaper Il Manifesto.

2005- present - Milano città aperta - Founder.
 Milano città aperta was a webzine publishing reportages, essays and artistic research about the city of Milan. Founded in 2005 by a groups of friends who all work as photographers, over the course of time the revue has become a reference in Italy for all of the cities’ storytellers.


2018 – Solo exhibition – LA DERNIERE LUNE – Institut Culturel Roumain de Paris 2015 - Solo exhibition - VOIX DE LA MER - Guilvinec, France

2014 - Collective exhibition - MILANO - Spazio Polifemo, Milano

2013 - Solo exhibition VOIX DE LA MER - Galleria OR, Genova

2013 - Solo exhibition UMA CRISE / UNE CRISE crisis in Portugal - Galerie BENJ, and Fédération Leo Lagrang, Paris

2012 - Collective exhibition at Palazzo Isimbardi, Milano WATER organized by the GRIN 2012 - Collective exhibition at Galleria Camera 16, Milano KOKORO

2011 - Solo exhibition VOIX DE LA MER - Galerie BENJ, Paris

Maramures, Romania 2013 ©Nicola Bertasi / Hans Lucas